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A look back…Watch where you step

Check it out..I survived Christmas! LOL Actually, it wasn’t too bad…high points were the usual family encounters (including a surprise visit from my uncle), and the company that laid me off calling me back and telling me they want me back again. (Yeah, I’m back in the proverbial “rat race” again… *gasp*). It made up for lack of tangible gifts, and I’ve already had offers to come over and play with others’ new tech toys (Thanks to both Min and Jim!).

Anyway, it’s that time of year to look back on the past year. Even on this blog, it’s been a wild roller coaster ride for me (you can check out a random post to verify this claim). Thanks to fellow geek guys at Plaid Stallions, I’ve been drawn back into the days of my days when I was a kid, not just a kid at heart. And, it all began with this picture:
(Image by PlaidStallions.com – click image to see a larger copy)
Wow! How I loved that plastic record player, and probably drove my mother and all others nearby batty playing it all the time. I’m not sure when exactly I received my first Little People set, but they were well played with throughout my youth by me and my friends, and have been forever endeared within my heart. I recall the names I gave my own “Little People”, remember ringing the school bell, bringing them to their own school, and so much more. Although the people have changed (in size mainly), the feelings they invoke are still there, and make visiting the real Fisher Price Little People site extra special, though perhaps more for my generation because of the original toys. I could definitely see my children (etc.) playing with these toys again. Even with the new “bells and whistles”, they feed the imagination to the nth degree. 😀
Not to be confused with the Fisher-Price toys, but equally cool, is seeing the Little People blog, which takes a little person all over London, England. What very cool sights!
If anyone else has a sight (or other comment), do leave it for us all to enjoy. Until later, folks, I’ve to go figure out where my signature code went now, as inserting things manually really sucks.

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