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My Daily Giggle

Today must be special, for I’m blogging! Hah! And, I’m trying out a new Firefox blogging add-on. (Oh, did I forget to tell all I downloaded FF? Lord, have mercy on me for I gave in to the tech pressure – LOL) Anyway, I come over to my poor, neglected blog with a joke. *hugs blog* *lures readers back with cheap goodies from cereal boxes* This one caused a giggle upon my otherwise drab day.

For weeks a five-year-old child kept telling his kindergarten teacher about the baby sister or brother that was expected at his house. One day the mother allowed the child to feel the movements of the unborn baby. The five-year-old was obviously impressed, but made no comment. Moreover, he stopped telling the teacher about the awaiting event. Finally the teacher sat the child on her lap and said, “Lucas, whatever has become of that baby brother or sister you were expecting at home?” Lucas burst into tears and confessed, “I think Mommy ate it!”

For more jokes like this one, visit A Joke A Day. I don’t mean to endorse them by giving the link, but I’ve had quite a few giggles from this site’s jokes and am sharing the potential smiles. A small warning: not all jokes are G-rated, but I’ve not seen a really raunchy one there. Well, I have YET to see one – it’ll probably show me one just to prove me wrong now. ;P Speaking of links, I’ve added a link to my Google shared links on the left side of this blog. I usually add to it weekly, at least that’s been my current pattern. It’s another way I can provide a few extra juicy tidbits to my dear readers. 😉

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