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Just a little update

I’m up at a weird time. Perhaps, it’s the time change from Daylight Savings. Or, because the football team I was rooting for just blew it at the end…AGAIN, and it’s taking me a while to get the bad taste out of my mouth. Or, maybe because I’m relishing the quiet from another stressful day of someone saying I’m not good enough and should die. Do I think this post will eradicate these feelings? Maybe not, but hopefully doing something productive will help a bit. I’ve updated my reading list on the blog this week to see how far I’ve progressed. Though, I think I’m missing a challenge somewhere. Have yet to update my GoodReads for the last two books read, but eventually I’ll get there.
In the meantime, I’m giving myself the thumbs up to encourage me forward.


Oh my, it looks like I’m hitchhiking there. Might as well go for it…

May I hitch a ride with you? [turns into virtual amoeba and hops on your shoulder] Okay, let’s go! 😀

Another season opens!

It’s the start of another season! [Major League] Baseball, of course. Opening Day is today, Monday, April 6th, and hopes are high for another interesting year, maybe without a steroid dabacle even. Dare we dream? Indeed, it’s the stuff the Houston Astros are made of…dreams (for we have little else at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold).
With that said, it’s also time to introduce the Astros again. Since I love nicknaming the players to personalize things–and generally amuse myself–, this is how I will introduce the hometown team. Keep in mind, we’ll undoubtedly have changes as the season continues. There’s one coming soon when a “To-Be-Named” player actually gets a name from a freshly traded new start player. And, already a change has been made from the time I wrote this last night. 😀

Note: I realize some of the nicknames may be quite lame, some are new because of new player(s) and not having time to know/remember them yet, and some still need explanation. If you can’t figure it out, just ask. If you’ve a better name, do tell. I can’t remember / think of everything, you know. 😉

The 40-Man roster of the Houston Astros aka ‘Stros is as follows:

#26 Doug “I’ve got you, Bro” cail! aka (?) [Doug Brocail]
#48 the Bird man! [Tim Byrdak]
#29 GG [Geoff Geary]
#11 The Comeback [Mike Hampton]
#22 The Hawk (?) [LaTroy Hawkins]
#38 He’s-got-potential aka Mo [Brian Moehler]
#44 [The] Wizard of Ohz [Roy Oswalt]
#51 Wild Man Wandy [Wandy Rodriguez]
#43 Give-me-a-sample aka (?) [Chris Sampson]
#47 VV [Jose Valverde]
#53 Dub-dub (W-W) [Wesley Wright]
?Late Add — “Hot Stuff” Ortiz [Russel Ortiz]
(God grant them good arms and hope the umps can see straight – 😀 )

#55 Q-Ball [Humberto Quintero]
#14 Pudge [Ivan Rodriguez]
(Anything happens to these guys, we may be up that infamous creek without a paddle.)

Hurler’s Henchmen:
#17 Fat Elvis aka Bacon aka Sir Lance-a-lot [Lance Berkman]
#27 Ge-off! aka Blooming Onion(?) [Geoff Blum]
— PingMe Jeff! [Jeff Keppinger]
#3 The Hitman aka SweeetMat aka ?? [Kazuo Matsui]
#10 Miggy aka Tomato aka Tay-hay [Miguel Tejada]
(Double Play, Triple Play, any play will do…just catch that ball else we’re screwed!)

The Ball Chasers:
#21 The Rabbit [Michael Bourn]
#2 Mr. E (Mystery) [Darin Erstad]
#45 Mr. Lee aka Lettuce aka El Caballo [Carlos Lee]
#4 TheRook [Jason Michaels]
#9 Underpants [Hunter Pence]
(Circus freaks, unite! We need catches, people!)

Lance and Carlos (Peanut butter & Jelly / PB&J…named during a 2009 exhibition game)
which reminds me of the PB and Jelly song…”Peanut butter and a baseball bat!!” 😀

The bacon, lettuce and tomato reference combine to make BLT sandwich of hits (line-up reference made during 2008 season).

And, let us not forget our on-air announcers: JD and Brownie! (And, hopefully, GL, too!)

Woohoo! Go ‘Stros!!
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One year and still going

Guess what? The Pear Lady’s blog has officially been around for a year! Scary on all counts, but it’s true. If you look in the archives, you’ll see I started this journal in November, 2006. So, Happy Anniversary to my blog! 😀
Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org

[passes out the virtual cake]
Free Smiley Face Courtesy of www.FreeSmileys.org
Yeah, I know…I’m being a cheapskate, but the good news is there’s no calories in that cake, so no one gains weight here. *LOL*

I’ve received another “present”, too, although I’m not exactly jumping up and down over this one. Why? I periodically look at the spam comments I get, just to make sure a real comment doesn’t slip in there. In my search, I found a track back link to a site stealing some of my recent content! I know from reading Lorelle on WordPress (highly recommended site – lots of useful content there!) that this stealing of one’s blog feed is called web site hijacking, so in a sense, I had foreseen this hijacker coming. You could bet I reported the incident straight away, too, as I’m not the only “victim”. Hopefully, it’ll be taken care of soon. Anyway, on to happier news.

In honor of my blog anniversary, I’ve taken up another task. I’ve joined NaBloMo, to keep up my journal writing, and am going to try to blog every day this November! *shudders* How will I make it? Does anyone have any stimulants? I may need them soon. *LOL* Seriously, if you’d like to blog along aside me, the link is on the left side of this blog, in the “mmm, good” section. Ready, set, start your keyboards and go!

In the meantime, stay tuned, for even I don’t know what I’ll do next. If you’ve any ideas/comments, the peanut gallery is now open (free virtual allergy shots to those with peanut allergies, of course *wink*).
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To Sue or Not to Sue – Because…

Pardon the Shakespeare variant, I’ve not another title in mind for this post.

Seen in the Sun-Times news [online]: Here we go – Another lawsuit by a desperate someone wanting money. Yes, this person has a “right to sue”, but does that mean one should? The rescuer [in the story] knows her job is dangerous, has experienced many harrowing circumstances that go with the job. Now, she gets hurt, doesn’t get much money from her own insurance plan, and on the advice of a lawyer, decides to go after the family of the boy she helped rescue. This family has enough to deal with in hospital bills dealing with their now brain-damaged boy. Hello? Common sense, where have you gone in the world? It appears to have flown the coop, and all that’s seen now is “$$$$$$$” (dollar signs). The logical answer should be for the lady rescuer to go after Workmen’s Comp, which is supposed to be there to help in times of crisis. But, that might not be a quick payday, which is obviously wanted. And, why not? Morally it’s wrong, but who cares about morals, eh? Yeah I know. What a crock. 😛

In other news, I’ve added the give-away a day on the left side of this blog, so we can all get a daily freebie (including various helpful programs, screen savers, games, etc.). It changes every day what you can get. Just do be careful of what you download…read the comments on the download page first. There’s at least one helpful comment from previous people that have downloaded the freebie. 😉

Happy Saturday!

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Blogging Confessional and More Giveaways

My blogging is seriously lacking these days, and I’m not sure why. I want to blog. I have ideas. I see things around the web, and I think about blogging about those sights. But, no….I get here inside my blogging software and it just goes away. What the heck is wrong with me? A scream of frustration is what I’m all about these days, or so it seems. It’s not all bad…I got into my G-mail address yesterday for the first time in what appears forever, after many refreshes. But, I’m still feeling blah. A spark of creativity fluttered before me visiting a blog pal yesterday, and I ended up creating a whole set of graphics (banner, small banner, button banner, and perhaps even business card/stationery), just to see if I can. The last time I did this, I ended up emailing the person/giving the graphics, but it kind of fizzled from there. I don’t know why I do this…self indulgence? Dreaming so much about getting actual income from doing something I love (creating)? So stupid all those answers appear to me. Perhaps I’m attached to reality after all? Pure speculation, that thought is, but I cling to it like a band-aid on a kid’s boo-boo, hoping healing comes really soon.


Time for doing something good (if I can manage such a feat 😛  ).

Floating around mommy blogs again…found this one lady about to celebrate her birthday, with the whole blogosphere!
Now, that’s generosity. Click the graphic to get in on the action (and possibly when free stuff..parents with young children might be especially interested here). 😀

Halloween’s coming up…Yeah! I used to get into this holiday so much, if I had money, I would definitely get into it more! Yippee! Anyway, I found a Halloween guide…click and check it out…

The blog giveaway is over, but it’s still cool. It’s pretty spooky stuff. Haha – just kidding about the spookiness…it’s ideas of what to do, from dressing up your pets, to dressing up your kids, and more. 🙂

And, in case anyone’s living in a cave, yes, it is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so how could I not promote this web address that gives out free a mammogram for women in need for just a click of the mouse.

The Breast Cancer Site

They’re trying to get 500 clicks this month, for the lead sponsor will give even more. So, click, click, click! And, of course….Think pink, and get squeezed. You might just save a life – your own. Of course, I’m not the one to lecture, but maybe I’ll encourage myself, too, by typing it. *smile*

Lecture and confessional is over for the moment. Yes, a relief it is, for probably both you and me. Until later…the floor is now open. Watch your step and comment at will.

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