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Ho to the Hum – anyone got a bottle of rum?

small pear - Free Clip Art at FunDraw.com Should I be offended? Someone typed “pear makes you sleepy” into a search engine and my site comes up first (well, at least at Google).  In answer to my question, no I am not offended. The phrase does make one curious as to what one is thinking / looking when doing a search. Perhaps I should be offended that someone made me think – curses! My body doesn’t want my brain doesn’t want to think, especially today. Actually, my body hasn’t want my brain to think a lot lately, perhaps because when [my brain] thinks, it goes into overdrive and one can see the smoke for miles. (Yes, Houstonians, that’s what that smoke was you saw last night. My brain. Oh well. At least it’s proof I’m using the bugger..sort of. ;-P )

I should go outside…it’s pretty out there. I’ve errands to do (darn printer just ran out of ink, in need of groceries). And, yet, I’m inside typing away. But, I think this entry may get my butt in gear. Hopefully, that gear isn’t reverse, else a whole new set of problems may arise. I shudder to think of such things, and yet I still do!

Where the heck am I going with this entry? I’m not sure, and the only answer I can think of is an old joke a friend told me once.

What do you get when you cross and elephant and a rhinoceros?”

{look inside for answer}

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