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Sleepy time and good night panty protection

Consider this post your Ambien of the day, for I’m thinking it may be good for putting people to sleep. Warning: may cause nightmares or weird dreams. This blogger is not responsible for that, though, and you reading this notice forms a binding agreement that you won’t backlash me with anything more than a wet noodle without sauce. ;D

As of this moment, I’m kind of in hibernate mode, and my imagination is in hyper-drive. The weather is sort of “drizzable”. At least that’s the word one of the local forecasters says (he made it up one day, and it stuck. LOL) It’s hard to be motivated, much less to motivate anyone else, on these sort of days. I managed to blog for another site (much to the delight of the owner — the blogging, not sure she liked the post — hah), and almost finish my latest read. I’ll finish that book tonight, and it will probably give me some interesting dreams. Isn’t it something how some books can key into the imagination so well to do such? This could also be a contributing factor to why my imagination is so active at the moment. **light bulb moment**
Anyway, back to napping…to aid the cause, sharing my napper, whom seems to be way ahead of me.
Napper, my furry friend
(recently found out my little one seems to the subject of happy memories, at least for eighties’ kids)

Good day/night, y’all. And, make sure wear your protection, in case of leakage. ;D