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30 Days hath April and it’s time to party!

Dear NaBloPoMo,

Hah! I’ve conquered you once again. We’ve had a whole month of posting with the letters theme. Actually, I have one to boot. Double-score! And, those of you thought I could not do it…*sticks tongue out and singsongs laughter at you: “hah-ha-hah-ha-haa-haa!”* Seriously, I’ve enjoyed this theme, and appreciate Eden / NaBloPoMo for getting me into this mess, even if it’s been trying at times (to say the least – LOL). And, I really appreciate my visitors that have come by and endured my rambles on a daily basis. Today also wraps up National Poetry Month. I feel it only fitting to end this letter post with some poetry. 

Thirty days of posting with a letters theme
Oh how I’ve loved entertaining you
May is next, I’ve not a clue what to do now
Any ideas you have, please give them below [after all]
Your input is very important to me!

Okay, so it’s not Shakespeare this time, but it’s definitely earnest with its request. 😉 

Hope your April showers bring you lots of flowers this month of May!

G’night, snidybutts! (and, everyone else, too…oh, how I like my Boston Legal television show. That “word” was hurled at one of my favorite characters on that show tonight. Love it! LOL!)
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