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Another season opens!

It’s the start of another season! [Major League] Baseball, of course. Opening Day is today, Monday, April 6th, and hopes are high for another interesting year, maybe without a steroid dabacle even. Dare we dream? Indeed, it’s the stuff the Houston Astros are made of…dreams (for we have little else at the moment, but who knows what the future may hold).
With that said, it’s also time to introduce the Astros again. Since I love nicknaming the players to personalize things–and generally amuse myself–, this is how I will introduce the hometown team. Keep in mind, we’ll undoubtedly have changes as the season continues. There’s one coming soon when a “To-Be-Named” player actually gets a name from a freshly traded new start player. And, already a change has been made from the time I wrote this last night. 😀

Note: I realize some of the nicknames may be quite lame, some are new because of new player(s) and not having time to know/remember them yet, and some still need explanation. If you can’t figure it out, just ask. If you’ve a better name, do tell. I can’t remember / think of everything, you know. 😉

The 40-Man roster of the Houston Astros aka ‘Stros is as follows:

#26 Doug “I’ve got you, Bro” cail! aka (?) [Doug Brocail]
#48 the Bird man! [Tim Byrdak]
#29 GG [Geoff Geary]
#11 The Comeback [Mike Hampton]
#22 The Hawk (?) [LaTroy Hawkins]
#38 He’s-got-potential aka Mo [Brian Moehler]
#44 [The] Wizard of Ohz [Roy Oswalt]
#51 Wild Man Wandy [Wandy Rodriguez]
#43 Give-me-a-sample aka (?) [Chris Sampson]
#47 VV [Jose Valverde]
#53 Dub-dub (W-W) [Wesley Wright]
?Late Add — “Hot Stuff” Ortiz [Russel Ortiz]
(God grant them good arms and hope the umps can see straight – 😀 )

#55 Q-Ball [Humberto Quintero]
#14 Pudge [Ivan Rodriguez]
(Anything happens to these guys, we may be up that infamous creek without a paddle.)

Hurler’s Henchmen:
#17 Fat Elvis aka Bacon aka Sir Lance-a-lot [Lance Berkman]
#27 Ge-off! aka Blooming Onion(?) [Geoff Blum]
— PingMe Jeff! [Jeff Keppinger]
#3 The Hitman aka SweeetMat aka ?? [Kazuo Matsui]
#10 Miggy aka Tomato aka Tay-hay [Miguel Tejada]
(Double Play, Triple Play, any play will do…just catch that ball else we’re screwed!)

The Ball Chasers:
#21 The Rabbit [Michael Bourn]
#2 Mr. E (Mystery) [Darin Erstad]
#45 Mr. Lee aka Lettuce aka El Caballo [Carlos Lee]
#4 TheRook [Jason Michaels]
#9 Underpants [Hunter Pence]
(Circus freaks, unite! We need catches, people!)

Lance and Carlos (Peanut butter & Jelly / PB&J…named during a 2009 exhibition game)
which reminds me of the PB and Jelly song…”Peanut butter and a baseball bat!!” 😀

The bacon, lettuce and tomato reference combine to make BLT sandwich of hits (line-up reference made during 2008 season).

And, let us not forget our on-air announcers: JD and Brownie! (And, hopefully, GL, too!)

Woohoo! Go ‘Stros!!
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Hopping Around The WWW

Well,  I don’t know about you, but I’m a pooped puppy today. I’m not sure why. I can only guess that when I’m working (on personal projects or on-the-job, etc.), I must be putting in 100% into the activity. That’s good and bad, for it causes me to do a sort of crash-recharge time. Anyway, some of my local blog pals have been typing about various links around the “internets”, causing me to find even more interesting material of which to lose more sleep time. “Gotta love ’em”. ;P

Though I’ve eaten a very good homemade pasta salad for tonight and really no desire to eat right now, I’ve to admit the Houstonist is making me seriously hungry reminding me of the Rodeo barbeque this weekend and teasing me with haikus of yummy sweets. I may just have to fork up the money to get out into the world this weekend. I wonder if I can still flirt my way into the private tents? Hmm. It could be an interesting time. I shall have to consider this idea further.

My local blog pal Jenny aka The Bloggess has recently updated her blogroll into the freaking stratosphere! My goodness, that’s a lot of links there, that it may take a while for me to go through them all (although luckily some are already on my own blogroll – whew!). I’m not-so-secretly happy to be amongst all those links. 😉

A site that I’ve recently discovered has the uber-cool title, I am the Lizard Queen. I’m particularly enamored with the “Hump Day Poetry“, which is good for a grin or so. (Side note: Why have I been so focused on poetry again, including my own, I’m not sure. But, I’m glad I have been writing again, judging by the recent feedback I’ve been getting. *grin*)

And, it’s no surprise (to me) that one of my other local blog pals, Obi-wan-ding, has turned me on to a couple more new sites.  First, she showed me some seriously weirdness on the web called the Techno Occult. It’s seriously cool, and yet disturbing. Second, the smart Dr. Miggy has me seriously considering writing my congressman after publishing this little piece about what the government is doing with Medicare money again. Anyone with an older loved one out there should read this article. It makes me furious when government does this stuff, and yet at the same time, I feel powerless to change things (despite having the right to vote, etc.). Perhaps now, it’s time that I find my voice. Perhaps we all should.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Go over and vote in the Elvis sighting contest at Nikki’s place. Hint: if you vote for the ones that look that they were taken with a bad camera, I will *heart* you almost forever. 😉

Wow! That’s some serious linkage I have up there. I do believe it’s time to stop, at least for the moment. No wonder I wear myself out, I ramble 24/7! LOL Anyway, back to American Idol again (talk about drama…though no one is really standing out, except for maybe David A. But, I still like my favorite nurse rocker Amanda, even if she’s having an off-night. Oh well.) Until later, folks.

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The Shopping Adventure

It appears I’m an inspiration to someone (yeah, I know, do try to control the shock and laughs). Min at Mama Drama says I inspire her to find weird stuff to post at her blog. LOL Well, in this spirit, [as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno might do would there not be a writers’ strike] and to keep up my silliness factor, I present:

Weird Stuff from Texas you can buy on eBay!

Note: click the links to see a screen shot of the object(s), or at least hover over the link to see the picture. I chose this way should the real auction be already closed. However, if you’re really wanting to buy, some auctions may be active, if you’re so inclined. 😉

  • First, with this sign’s help, I direct you to the parking spaces. (I display it proudly in Marvin Zindler‘s honor. To quote Dolly Parton from the Best Li’l Whorehouse movie: “1 bird, 1 lay.”  But, only with your hostess if you’re a really cute and single guy. Do remember to ask first and be good. Cluck, cluck. 😉 )
  • To help us hunt out the good stuff (e.g. the weirdest and silliest), here’s a special license. (Roswell, Can you hear me now? :P)
  • We can play in the bathtub with a new unofficial University of Texas mascot toy…unlike Bevo (their Longhorn cow), it’s a devilish sort of fellow.  And, it’s a double treat, for we’ve music, too. namely Ernie’s bath time song [from Sesame Street] to go through our heads! (“Rubber ducky, you’re the one…you make bath time lots of fun…” What fun! –insert mixed screams of delight and agony from the crowd–)
  • What’s a party without food? Time to eat a Texas delicacy. Mmm, Mmm, good. And, no, I am not referring to soup, unless you mash it up really well. LOL
  • For our specialty drinks, we’ll all toast ourselves silly with these glasses, and these glasses. The party goers drinking alcohol may want to take it easy with the first glass, for it’s a doozy. LOL
  • Here’s a party gift for the men…but do try not to cheat or the house will take more than the required 20% to play.
  • And, here’s a party gift for the ladies. (But, I kindly suggest you watch where you point that thing. *wink*)
  • Fair warning to those party visitors that get out of line: I will not hesitate to flog the naughty with this device. *maniacal laughter*
  • If you’re truly naughty, we may have to lock you up with these straps… They’re quality craft work that come with a lifetime guarantee, according to the seller. All together now: “Moo!”
  • And, of course, we’ll pay for all these goodies with Texas money. What else would we use? *grin*

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little party. Just remember, don’t drink and drive as you leave. (that’s what friends couches are for, eh) Have a good weekend, everyone. Good blogging, reading, shopping, or whatever makes you happy!

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like…

Baby, it’s cold outside. I had a graphic signature that echoed that phrase once. I’d display it, however it’s copyright permissions have changed preventing me from doing so. Rest assured, it’s cute in a demented sort of way. Anyway, that phrase not just a song title these days, for it really is cold out there. Okay, maybe not snow cold here – yet. But, it’s not all bad, even when the rainy crud that comes in tow. One of our local radio stations, Sunny 99 in Houston. is playing Christmas music again, to help capture that holiday spirit.  I have yet to put up the lights, but I’m seriously thinking about it soon. When? Probably some time this weekend or upcoming week, depending on what’s still working. Whoa..ramble alert once again from me. *slaps forehead*
Anyway, Christmas time I like, even if it will be sort of miserable without friends and family this year. I miss them all terribly, even if it’s not mutual. Surfing blogs today, I run into a couple Christian/Gospel singers I’ve adored for the longest time, namely Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant. I’ve many memories listening to each of their music. Amy’s “El Shaddai” still tears me up and makes me smile at the same time. And, Michael has a great new holiday cd out that I’d love to find in my stocking. In the meantime, their sites and music samples will have to satisfy me. 🙂

Whoa! Am I getting sappy today or is NaBloPoMo just wearing me down to the core? LOL Either way, I do hope something I’ve said is touching on some level, even to those visitors typing in “Chris Baker” to their search engines several times a day. Oh my, people, you do amaze sometimes.

Of course, if someone has a comment to get me going in another perhaps more suitable or at least different direction, feel free to enter it at this time. Or if you have more to add or suggestion of something else to see, do leave a comment.

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Friday Football Madness

A bittersweet night here..cold on the outside, and I feel fortunate not to be out in it. I actually roasted marshmallows tonight, which were a delicious dessert after turkey leftovers. The pill came in the form of a well-played football game.

 Oilers logo
[Image: courtesy of  PearlandOilers.com]

The Pearland Oilers fought to the end, but just couldn’t quite get the win (score: 24-20). There are some great hi-lights / coverage to be seen via Sam’s blog at the Chronicle. Though the win would’ve been extra sweet, the boys have played a great 12-2 season, and make their hometown proud. Nods go to those tough North Shore Mustangs, who really know how to push their way into the end zone.  😀

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