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A Delicious Wordle

I’ve recently found this great site called Wordle.net a little that allows one to make all sorts of word pictures. A person could even call it a word poem, of sorts. One can create this picture with any text. And, finally I have had a chance to play! This particular one is not just any wordle, it’s about this very blog. Yeah! I simply plugged in my rss feed url, and out it popped.

Here’s A Slice of Delicious Fruit (the Wordle):

(click picture to see a larger view or click here [“psst”: it is a java application, so make sure you have it turned on to see it larger.] )

It’s fantabulous to see all the craziness that’s gone on in this blog recently. Now, we’ve a visual, too. I’ve described my blog as being a sort of “Seinfeld blog”, for it’s about everything and nothing. With the visual data, I think I may have pegged it more than I realized. Very awesome. If you get a chance, I highly recommend you try it. Or, read a few wordles created in their gallery. It can be very illuminating. 😀
Sliced by The Pear Lady