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Starting another writing exercise – 1 word

I haven’t abandoned anything yet, but I think I may be having a lazy moment. Good thing is my creativity is coming back again. Bad thing is it’s not connecting to other parts…yet. Anyone have some mental glue to make this process faster? IDK either. In the meantime, at NaBloPo, this month’s theme is “in one word”. Sounds intriguing. So, trying it for 30 days…or until boredom or something else sets into my brain.


According to OneWord.com, today’s word is: basic

1 minute response: The simplest needs of a person. What do we really need? It’s usually less than what we initially think, and may include things that produce a "duh" reaction.


Conclusion(s) from exercise – I need to learn how to type faster. I also thought of the basic computer language. ~shrugs~
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Muttering on Sunday – Free Association #150

mutteringsredanim “Oh, boy, yet another meme”. No, wait, it’s not quite as it’s appears. It’s a “Free Association” exercise. Yes, I’m using this meme, but only as an exercise to build up my writing/cognitive skills, as well as somewhat control my jumbled thoughts, not for fishing for something of which to write. And, because I like to see what I may think of spontaneously – do watch out for combustibles. 😛

The deal of the day is word association: what does one think instantly when a word is presented. Hmm, let’s see, shall we?

  1. Toasty :: Warm (or Quizno’s Subs, but only because I think I’ve seen those ads once too often lately – LOL)
  2. Allegations :: accusations without proof (when did this become “define me hour – c’mon self, I’ve to do better than this. Whom are you, OJ or is lawyer?)
  3. Herb :: Oregano (spaghetti, anyone?)
  4. Bacon :: Cheeseburger (bad fattening combo – yuck)
  5. Neck to neck :: Game (reminds me of that game where one passes a ball to another person without the use of hands)
  6. Simon :: Says You’re Outta Here (I’ve watched too much Idol. Oy Vey!)
  7. Heels :: Shoes (high ones hurt feet / ankles)
  8. Fundamentals :: Flag corps (Have to do the basics, teaching them is fun)
  9. Middle :: Finger
  10. Seasonings :: Spices

Okay, that exercise brought out something in me, but what it brought out is questionable. Word #9 appears I have the desire to flip someone off, or maybe said person(s) flipped me off recently. The others are equally obvious, even without my comments. *shrugs* I may re-visit this word set later. We’ll see.

Have something to say? Say it now, or forever hold your peace. ;P
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