Reading The Classics

There are certain books that have been considered “classic reading”, and have thus been on many reading lists for schools and groups through out the years. Here’s how Siena[sic] survey (as listed @ presents them, along with about when I read them and/or what I thought of them.

List of 30 classics:

1. The Works of Shakespeare
– Read throughout high school/college, including “Romeo & Juliet” “Julius Caesar” (Fave), “MacBeth” (Fave), “Othello”, rereading “King Lear”, “MidSummer Night’s Dream” (Big Fave!)
2. The Declaration of Independence
– Read in almost every history class LOL
3. Twain, Mark, Huckleberry Finn
– Read in jr. high/high school
4. The poems of Emily Dickinson
– Fave has got to be “Nobody” *S*
5. The poems of Robert Frost
– read throughout school days
6. Hawthorne, Nathaniel, Scarlet Letter
– read in high school (found it so sad)
7. Fitzgerald, Scott F., The Great Gatsby
– rereading again (read in high school)
8. Orwell, George, 1984
– never read all the way through…we chose to read “Brave New World” (a fave!)
9. Homer, Odyssey and Iliad
– read in high school and college :P~
10. Dickens, Charles, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities
– read latter in high school (don’t remember when for the 1st)
11. Chaucer, Geoffrey, The Canterbury Tales
– loved rereading these tales in college
12. Salinger, J.D., Catcher in the Rye
– read in middle school (a fave @ the time)
13. The Bible
– started reading in elementary school (reread since)
14. Thoreau, Henry David, Walden
– read in high school
15. Sophocles, Oedipus
– ?!? don’t remember
16. Steinbeck, John, the Grapes of Wrath
– a fave read through the years
17. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays and poems
– read in high school
18. Austen, Jane, Pride and Prejudice
– on my rereading list thanks to seeing the movie (again)
19. Whitman, Walt, Leaves of Grass
– read in hs
20. The novels of William Faulkner
– ?!?
21. Melville, Herman, Moby Dick
– on my rereading list
22. Milton, John, Paradise Lost
– hs/college
23. Vergil, Aeneid
– ?!? hs sometime
24. Plato, The Republic
– read in college (I was big into Plato @ the time LOL)
25. Marx, Karl, Communist Manifesto
– read in college
26. Machiavelli, Niccolo, the Prince
– ?!? don’t remember when read, elementary
27. Tocqueville, Alexis de, Democracy in America
– ?!? (sleepy time for me on this one)
28. Dostoevski, Feodor, Crime and Punishment
– ?!? don’t remember again
29. Aristotle, Politics
– ?!? I don’t remember when I read it, but I doubt I finished it all
30. Tolstoy, Leo, War and Peace
– read in college(Plato and Tolstoy were majors for me)

Click to see more classics (external link)

What do you think?

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