Seinfeld Blogging

This blog entry’s theme is…nothing. Nada.

Why? Because my mind is a jumble again. Any new thoughts rambling inside my head are being drowned out by the chaotic frenzy of the rest of my brain (yeah, I’ve one – this junk has got to come from somewhere, wouldn’t you think?).

Speaking of Jerry Seinfeld, I hear through the grapevine that “B Movie” is a horrible movie to see from an average moviegoer’s point of view, even if the critics are lapping it up with their reviews. They’ve left me little desire to see that movie. Maybe one day when there’s nothing better to do, we shall see.

In search news, wow…one mention of dear radio personality Chris Baker sends my stats up. That’s very cool. Keep on coming! 😀

Uh-oh…I’ve encountered a blog-about-nothing-block. Until later, everyone. The peanut gallery of comments is now open. 😉

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