Adventures in MemeLand

Trying to decide what to post at times can be like pulling a hamstring to me. It’s not that I’ve not ideas, or can get to them through a variety of Internet sources. However, the ideas jumble into a gnarled-up string ball of thoughts. (No, it’s not exactly a pretty picture I’m painting, that much I realize while typing this entry. LOL)

I started to do a meme (quiz), figuring it’d be easier to just answer a set number of questions. *shakes head* On one, I couldn’t come up with quite enough answers (at least not with spending even more time looking up proper titles). On another quiz, I didn’t like the result, so rather than posting I tossed it. Then, I went to a group and started joining sub-groups, hoping for inspiration. Unfortunately, many links later, my mind jumbled again so I had to stop. Just when I’d settled on another meme to post, the pictures kept messing up in my posting, causing frustration. So, I axed that one, too.

In conclusion, I’m left with this mini-adventure. Well, it could be worse, I suppose. 😛

It’s time for a cheer session. Get your peanut butter and jelly and let’s dance!

Click for a peanut butter and jelly Family Guy parody
I love that silly song. LOL!

Oh, and if you’re wandering by from NaBloMo, and love WordPress, there’s a group made for you – click here. (and, yes, I created it).

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