Chris Baker Where Art Thou?

I got up today and thought I’d catch up on Chris’s blog, but discovered instead a 404 – URL not found. After a quick search, I confirmed the sad news. ClearChannel let him and his show on 740 KTRH go for a different kind of programming format. *sniff* He kept me tuning in to talk radio. While I sometimes did not agree with his thinking, I was almost always entertained. In fact, when I’d turn on the radio, I’d think “Entertain me, Chris.” And, entertainment I got. They’ve replaced them with a bland councilman, and it’s doubtful I’ll listen to much of any talk radio for the moment. That’s a shame to me, but this, too, shall pass. Undoubtedly, Chris will bounce back into “showbiz” somewhere, hopefully as a host again. In the meantime, his bald head and creative thinking will be missed.
Edit (Updated Information): See the blog of local Fox news reporter Isiah Carey as he keeps us up to date with the latest happenings of this saga. There’s currently a letter writing campaign going on in protest, and the link in our comments is apparantly in connection with an ‘audition’ with the L.A. radio station.

In other news, got any good rock stations I should visit? I’m currently flipping between the Oldies and the Eighties stations. Not that it’s all bad, I heard Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” and frightened myself because I still remembered all the words. LOL

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12 responses to “Chris Baker Where Art Thou?

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  2. the bland councilman is Michael Berry and he’s also teh bonehead who fired Chris Baker, I guess the thinks we’d rather listen to a monotoned winer that Chris. Oh well, we can still get Beaumont and Austin am radio to listen to!!!

    TPL responds: At the time I didn’t want to say his name, for I do try to stay away from snake venom, but yeah. I, too, have switched stations. ‘Tis the Houston station(s) loss.

  3. Baker’s here for now.

    TPL responds: Thanks, Michelle…hopefully this’ll help my passing visitors searching for more info. 🙂

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  5. Tis a shame I live in Beaumont, but I would tune to KTRH in the evenings.

    Now I just listen to the local oldies FM Station or a CD

    I did e-mail Mr. Berry and told him he sucked……to please bring Chris back.

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  7. where is he working?

    TPL responds: He was recently hired at a radio station in Minnesota. (see above comments for direct link).

  8. Chris is now in Minnesota here:

    Miss ya – I’ll be listening online!

    TPL responds: Thanks for the page url, Henri! 🙂

  9. Chris is advocating killing people — again — this time it’s potential protestors at the Republican National Convention. You actually like to listen to this guy?

    TPL responds: Actually, I’ve not listened to him for a while [since he left Houston]. The new time schedule just doesn’t go with my work schedule. Oh well. Though, judging on the hits and comments I’ve received from two posts on this guy, a LOT of people do listen to him. The article sounds like he’s over-exaggerating to prove a point, which is something that he’s been known to do. But, who knows what he’s truly thinking except him. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and commenting.

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  11. I would like to know if Chris Baker has a talk radio station? Thanks,

    TPL responds: Latest word is he works up North at a Minnesota radio station. (see above comments for web url)

  12. I think this comment is to another entry, or some link in the related content. I’m still not sure, but felt the need to say so as I wouldn’t want someone to think I’m ignoring a comment. 😀

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